Let the Games begin...

The more I get to play Tennis matches, the more I get convinced that tennis is not different from a game of Chess..Surprise surprise.

Let me explain why its so.

After you acquire basic skills of shortmaking, you need to apply mind to win games, to employ those skill sets, to know of the trigger points during rallies and big points.
Which shot, at what time and how are three basic questions that run in the brain of a complete tennis player.
So go out on court and let your body as well as mind have a fruitful workout... let the game begin....

Dr Amit Bhalla

Superb coaching staff

Neon has Superb coaching staff ,I love playing and learning here.

Pradhyumna Markale

Excellent coaches and excellent place

Neon has Excellent coaches and excellent learning atmosphere, I feel like  home ,not like institute

My Best wishes to all coaches and all staff members ,keep rocking !!

Naveen Simlote
Jayor (us)

let the game begins!!

After attaining a certain level in the game of tennis, its all about mind and brain conditioning. How well you play would depend upon your framework of mind during that hour and of course you require skills to execute the plans. Opponent strengths and weakness fuel the tactical measures you employ to win.
These are some of the learnings I have received thanks to my association with Next Level Tennis (Neon Tennis academy) spear headed by Suresh Maurya sir and his sporting team. Neon helps in sharpening your skills and you become a better player, and go to the next level!

One final comment from me is that for playing good Tennis, you must have good legs as these are most important for not only chasing balls in a huge tennis court but also to generate power in your strokes.

let the game begins!!


Dr Amit Bhalla

Grow faster and better

Neon Tennis Academy has awesome training tools to help the players to grow faster and better ,Academy has great program to improve mental toughness to make ultimate champions!

Keep up the good work Suresh sir and team!

Amit Bhalla

Tennis is not just a game, it is a lifelong lesson

Suresh sir has taught me so many things in life!! How to fight back, never give up, every point of the game is important, teamwork is everything, if you lose any point or miss any ball People will laugh at you ,they will criticize you but you have to just be calm and let your game speak .
Suresh sir always used to say one thing, there will be days in your life and specially sports when you loose, there will be days when you will win (i used to love those days:) !! Tennis is not just a game, it is a lifelong lesson. Tennis used to be the place where I used to take my life decisions!!
I so miss playing it!!:'

Palak Thakkar

A Greate Place and Wonderful People To Start Your Day !

What I feel about the academy is, it's a great place to start your day with! Tennis is a wonderful game, but you need to understand it how to play it!
Here, a team of world class coaches and the best available courts gives the chance to learn and enjoy the game.

Suresh Sir, you are not simply a tennis coach, you are a true mentor. The way you explain very complicated techniques of the game in simple terms, is just superb! Only a great mentor can do it. I also take this opportunity to cherish the opportunity I got, to be associated with the whole Neon Team - Ravi sir, Praveen Sir and the whole team, and learn while you enjoy the game.

Thank you very much and keep doing the great work that you love to do!


Amazing, Refreshing, Fantabulous

Next level tennis have given me a strong wanting to play tennis for a long time. the friendliness of the coach makes you feel to play more and more. I truly was never interested in tennis, i joined to increase height but gradually i got so in to tennis that i spent daily an hour or two playing tennis. Even now many times i just feel like to go play tennis in my leisure time it have made me mentally strong and physically healthy.

Riya Patel

Tennis is very simple

I must say sir i am a big fan of yours, the way you teach tennis using your witty one liners coupled with tremendous skill and wisdom--- "Tennis is very simple" actually makes playing/learning tennis easy and fun. I must thank you for helping me unearth one of my passions (Tennis)..
I am having various options nearby my house but its your coaching that pulls me 5 km every morning all the way to Bopal 🙂 ...
May you achieve great heights in your career, and yeah even after that you continue coaching amateurs like us:)

Ronak Subodh Shah
M/S Sportsbay